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Flöter bietet alles für den professionellen Transportschutz, vom vollautomatischen Stretchwickler bis hin zur Luftpolstermaschine.
AirBoy Micro – das perfekt einfache Luftpolstersystem. Abbildung des Gesamtsystems, in der Größe eins Klebestreifenautomats.

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Market leading air cushion systems and machines have been available from AirWave™ for some 20 years. The new AirWave™ micro (miniAir) machine is setting new standards in compact air cushion systems and, together with our AirPad air cushioning films, the AirWave™ micro offers a comprehensive and cost effective air cushioning solution.

The pure simplicity of the system and its high quality construction will satisfy even the most demanding users.

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Only 10.5 lbs, so ultra-lightweight, extremely mobile and compact

Uses 20 micron film, so very cost conscious and environmentally responsible

Produces both perforated cushion rolls and quilts

7 different types of film can be used on just the one machine

3 configurations of continuous air cushions on
700 linear meter rolls

4 configurations of continuous quilts on 450 linear meter rolls

Perforated for easy separation

Speed of 6 meters / minute – faster than you can pack!

Film is 100% recyclable

Available in the following film varieties:

Aircushion perforated rolls 200mm wide – 20µm – 700 linear metres

Type 7.1

AirBoy micro perforated air cushions

100 x 200 mm

Type 7.2

AirBoy micro perforated air cushions

150 x 200 mm

Type 7.3

AirBoy micro perforated air cushions

200 x 200 mm

Aircushion perforated rolls 300mm wide – 20µm – 600 linear metres

Type 7.4

AirBoy micro perforated air cushions

130 x 300 mm

Type 7.5

AirBoy micro perforated air cushions

240 x 300 mm

Air cushion quilts 420mm wide

Type 8.1

AirBoy micro air cushion quilts

2 large air chambers for large volumes

Type 8.2

AirBoy micro air cushion quilts

2 air chambers for moulded objects

Type 8.3

AirBoy micro air cushion quilts

4 air chambers for interleaving

Type 8.4

AirBoy micro air cushion quilts

8 air chambers for wrapping

Type 8.3

AirBoy micro air cushion quilts

7W air chambers for wrapping and interleaving

The AirWave™ micro system is available as a starter kit, comprising of the following:

1 AirWave-micro, CE approved, 110V, 120W

4 rolls of 20 micron film for air cushions,
 150x200mm, 700 meter/roll, 20µ

2 rolls of 20 micron film for air cushion quilts,
450 meter/roll, 20µ


All inclusive price of : $1569,00 + Shipping

Please ask our consultants for special terms on larger quantities.

Contact us today for more information.

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The spacious display gives all important information needed: number and size of air cushions programmed and produced, and temperature reading. The operation of the machine is comprehensively displayed by means of just a few simple push buttons.

Smaller and lighter than a postage meter, the AirWave™ micro system is easily positioned in any packing area or payment point.

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Perfection and simplicity! Now you no longer need to choose between Air Cushions and quilts. It’s all in one!

Airwave void fill systems offer optimum protection; and now there is a compact model for single person operation with a material dispensing function. Similar in size and in weight to a postage meter, the AirWave™ Micro system is the perfect compact system.

Optimal and secur packagng with Flöter AIRBOY micro air cushion machine.